frequently asked questions


What is the difference between the handmade and handpicked collections?

Our Handmade Collection is individually made by us (Daniel and Jenn) in our studio in Siargao. All pieces are carefully crafted by our own hands. Because of that, they can easily be customized to your preferred size and designs. 

On the other hand, our Handpicked Collection are simply "curated" pieces which means every single piece is personally chosen by us to make sure everything is in line with our brand identity by putting our own earthy twist to elegant silver and brass pieces, making it perfect for both island and city life.


What is the jewelry made of?


An alloy of copper and zinc, the brass we use is composed of 85-87% copper and 13-15% zinc. 

Brass will lose its original shine over time but can be restored by regular cleaning. 



An alloy of silver containing 92.5 % silver mixed with 7% of other metals like copper. We prefer this over pure silver as it very soft and fragile. Alloyed with copper, the pieces turn out stronger and more durable. 


Do you ship nationwide?

We ship with a flat rate of 220 pesos nationwide and we ship via LBC, with an ETA 5-8 days upon placing an order. For shippings outside the Philippines, please email us at 


Is it possible to order and pay offline?

We accept payments through LBC and Palawan Express.

Send us a message with your order to: or send a message through Contact.


Do you accept returns and refunds?

Your opinion matters to us. If you are unhappy with our products, we are willing to compensate for it. From the day you receive your product(s), you have 7 days to request for a refund. via e-mail: with your order number and return request. All products must be returned unworn and in the same packaging it came with. 


How do we order customized pieces?

Email us at with specific ideas/pictures with your preferred material (brass or silver) and specific dimensions and we will decide whether or not we can make it by hand. For customized orders, we will need 7 days to craft you piece. The rates will also depend on the intricacy of the pieces. 


How do we know/measure the size?

One method is to measure your inner diameter. Take a ring that is a good fit for the finger you want your customized ring and measure the inner diameter of the ring (in mm). Another is to measure around your finger by cutting a thin stripe of paper and wrapping it around your finger. When you have the stripe accurately wrapped around your finger, measure it in mm. 


Will it tarnish/ rust over time?

Our pieces do not rust or tarnish although brass items does lose the original shine with the time and use. This can be restored by properly taking care of them. 


Is it okay to wash/wet the pieces?

Yes, you can wear our pieces in the shower as well as in the ocean. We recommend to rinse the jewelry with clear water right after swimming in the ocean to remove the salt in your jewelry and to dry carefully after to avoid drops stains. 

For brass pieces, avoid letting your jewelry wet or in touch with water when you are not using it, the drops of water might dry and let green stains on it. 


How do we take care of our jewelry?

Jewelry is a very personal investment. When it is cared for properly, it can last a lifetime. For this, we recommend a jewelry polishing cloth (one that contains a polishing compound on one side and a buffing surface on the other) This brings back natural luster and shine, and is also more cost effective and eco friendly than cleaning chemicals. Here is a step by step guide on polishing your pieces: 

- Hold piece firmly in one hand while carefully rubbing the compound side of the polishing cloth over all it's surfaces. 

- Turn the polishing cloth over to the buffer and massage this side over all surfaces of the jewelry in order to remove the compound previously applied. 

- Continue to apply pressure to the piece until it is properly buffed and shined. 

- DO NOT wash your jewelry polishing cloth after use as it will lose its polishing effect. 

- Reuse the cloth until it is entirely black in color.